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We work closely with our clients to gain insight and develop goals and expectations for each project. We will map out a tailored strategy and build a solution that will elevate our client’s product experience.

We ensure that our clients are engaged during each step of the process to provide transparency during the design and development stages and to help ensure we match the project’s quality standards prior to its hand off.

About NuWave Commerce Graphic

Open Source Development

We are committed to giving back to the Laravel Community. Because of our unique skills and technical background we open sourced our GraphQL package several years ago. It has been widely adopted by developers in the Laravel community and is setting a new standard in GraphQL development in the PHP community.

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Modernizing Enterprises

We assist our enterprise customers in bringing scalable high quality applications to market.
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Empowering Startups

We leverage the latest proven technology stacks to produce products our customers can maintain and scale.
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Bringing Products to Life

Whether we're working with our customers' local team or if we're task to produce the entire project, our primary goal is to deliver an application that fulfills the project scope and provides a premier user experience.

We have a collaborative work environment and we take pride in accepting, destructuring and taking ownership of the complicated set or problems our customers face and need us to solve to provide their stakeholders with an engaging and elegant solution that provides value.

GraphQL Integration

GraphQL is quickly becoming a exciting new standard for API development of data-driven applications. GraphQL provides an efficient way for clients to access the data they require and are specific to their individual needs while also enabling powerful developer tools through its type system.

However, creating a GraphQL server can be an intimidating challenge if you're unfamiliar with its best practices or defining your domain logic as a GraphQL schema. NuWave Commerce can help you migrate your current API(s) into an elegant GraphQL endpoint which can be consumed by various clients.

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Who We Are

NuWave Commerce is a web and application development and design firm based out of Phoenix Arizona.

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