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Laravel Application Development

Laravel has a thriving community and has been utilized to handle many different business use cases by a wide variety of organizations. We leverage Laravel for it's expressive, flexible and secure features to provide solutions for our clients that are easy to maintain due to its expressive syntax.

NuWave Commerce is experienced in crafting high quality web applications and APIs for startups with ambitious ideas as well as enterprise customers looking to migrate their legacy systems to leverage new features or adding new and robust services to their existing platform.

GraphQL Migration

GraphQL provides an expressive way to query for data needed from your API. It gives clients the ability to ask for the data they need as well as providing developers with powerful tools due to it's type safe schema.

We assist our customers in exploring how GraphQL can work in their tech stack and how to migrate their current API over to get the most out of GraphQL while minimizing changes needed in their current code base.

ReactJS Frontend Development

React is a javascript library used to create interactive and immersive user interfaces and has become one of the top choices for building client side applications to enhance user experiences through rich interactions.

We assist our customers in migrating sections of their application over to React as well as creating new applications that are tested and easy to maintain and extend.

UI/UX Design

Technology is changing at a rapid pace and becomes increasingly complex as users have access to more options and data. Therefore, applications must adapt and evolve the way users interact with their products. We work with our clients to design applications with rich and meaningful interaction to help guide consumers to the most effective solution(s).

I.T. Consultancy

We've worked with companies of all sizes to help guide them in a direction that provides early feedback and long lasting results. We work closely with our clients to gain insight into their business model, project scope and expectations so we can provide a clear vision of what can be accomplished and how it can be implemented.

Team Integration

Our clients have projects big ideas and aggressive timelines. We integrate into our customers current team(s) to help meet their critical deadlines or get new product features to market faster.

Who We Are

NuWave Commerce is a web and application development and design firm based out of Phoenix Arizona.

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